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Sclerotherapy is a great way to reduce the appearance of hand veins, giving you younger-looking hands. At North Shore Vein Center in Lake Success, New York, esteemed vascular specialist Mark Schwartz, MD, FACS, RPVI, offers virtually painless hand sclerotherapy that takes 30 minutes. Please call the office to schedule your appointment today.

Hand Veins Q & A

What is hand sclerotherapy?

Hand sclerotherapy is a noninvasive treatment for hand veins. If your hand veins stand out prominently, for example, due to age, this could be the treatment to restore your younger-looking hands. 

Hand vein sclerotherapy, which Dr. Schwartz administers in a series of small injections, forces vein wall collapse to smooth out the skin above. Results are dramatic and long-lasting.

How does hand sclerotherapy work?

In a hand vein sclerotherapy treatment, Dr. Schwartz uses an ultraslim needle to inject a few drops of a safe and reliable sclerosing solution under the skin, directly into your vein. This process is virtually painless, so you don’t even need any local anesthesia for hand sclerotherapy.

The sclerosing solution irritates the vein walls to trigger their collapse. Your body re-routes the blood from treated veins into healthy veins. Although healing rates vary from one patient to the next, most patients notice a dramatic change in their hands almost right away. 

Hand sclerotherapy and leg vein sclerotherapy are a similar process with very low risk and fast recovery. It’s a safe and very reliable vein treatment in both parts of your body.

How many hand sclerotherapy sessions will I need?

Because your hands are delicate, Dr. Schwartz treats only half of your dorsal hand (back of your hand) area in each session. You have two hand vein sclerotherapy sessions, scheduled two to four weeks apart. After each hand vein sclerotherapy session, you wear comfortable three-quarter compression gloves for two weeks. 

Is any downtime needed after hand sclerotherapy?

No, hand sclerotherapy is a comfortable and quick treatment that doesn’t require any downtime. As long as you wear your compression gloves as directed by Dr. Schwartz, you have almost no limitations on your normal daily routine. Since the treatment takes only half-an-hour, you could even schedule it in the middle of the day and then return to work, if desired.

If your hands have prominent, protruding veins, hand vein sclerotherapy could be the perfect solution for nearly instant results. Call North Shore Vein Center to make your appointment with Dr. Schwartz now.